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Upcoming primary vote!

26.03.23 - Skrevet av: SAFEklubben I Beerenberg
Hello everyone. Here is an information letter regarding the upcoming primary vote.

Upcoming First Vote

24.03.23 - Written by: SAFEklubben In Beerenberg


Regarding primary voting

Dear colleagues and members.

Next week, the SAFE clubs will send out the first ballot concerning leaving of YS/SAFE and registering in DNMF/UNIO (Det norske maskinistforbund).

Why early voting?

As mentioned earlier, we can no longer find ourselves not being allowed to use our democratic right to influence our working conditions and collective bargaining requirements in the central negotiations.

Therefore, the clubs believe that a transition to a new main organization with a new federation is essential for us to acquire this fundamental right.

Now the labor dispute that Bilfinger was through also showed that solidarity is no longer at its best in SAFE, as none of the SAFE clubs in the union came with declarations of support for the Bilfinger club during the conflict, nor did the club receive any declaration of support from the central trade union.

Whether this is due to the fact that we are going to have a preliminary vote on the transition to a new association is not known, but in any case, we see it as unprofessional that the association does not take a labor dispute (dagsing) more seriously as long as the club is a member of the association and pays membership fees to the association.

In our opinion, it shows that it is time to start this primary vote and hopefully get a result that says that we will collectively go over to DNMF and Unio.

Action plan

Now it is the case that we must have two primary referendums 6 months apart in order to collectively exit YS/SAFE.

These must have a 2/3 majority.

And the deadline for submitting claims for next year's main settlement is 1 October.


So it is not certain that we will achieve this, but in any case we would not have had real negotiations if we had stayed in SAFE and waited until after the main settlement, so we think that the most important thing now is to get into a new union, establish ourselves , building an organisation, getting the agreements in place and the administrative work that will take care of our contractual framework within DNMF. Furthermore, there is a high probability that the next main settlement will be coordinated due to the AFP question, but we can only speculate on this.

On behalf of the clubs

Safeklubben I Beerenberg & Safeklubben i Bilfinger